Your Friday moment of Quasi

I was actually going to talk about music today – specifically, my guitars (and banjo), and what I’m doing with them. With photos, because I actually love looking at guitars. I’m not that great a player, but there’s something about them as objects that I really dig.


As it happened, I’ve been flat out today answering an email interview, and doing edits on a new novelette that I hope can be announced soon. Then followed a bunch of admin – this has been The Week From Email Hell, let me tell you – and as I result I’m so pooped I’m going to disconnect myself from the internet this weekend and do stuff like read comics and books and generally chill the hell out.


But today can still be musical – Music Friday maybe? – so here’s a neat little something I stumbled on today. Quasi are a band I rather like, and here’s a cool little live in-studio recording they did while they were in the UK late last year.

Please to enjoy. See you Monday, refreshed!