You know what I mean

It was pointed out to me yesterday that with the launch of Angry Robot’s ebook subscription service on Friday, people have actually now bought Empire State. Which is very cool, and for those who have taken out a sub, my thanks are many. And if you haven’t yet, head over to the Angry Robot store and check it out. £69 for a year, for at least 24 books – that’s good value. Do it.

Okay, you back? Good work.

As I mentioned the other day I’m in deadline hell at the moment, and in fact am on day 1 of a straight 13-day run of work. When that’s all done, I’ve got two uninterrupted weeks of writing and editing – I’m not sure I have the words to describe how much I’m looking forward to the second half of July!

But, while I’m unlikely to set the world afire with my blogging during this period, I did say I’d try and post something useful or entertaining every day.

Today’s entertainment takes the form of Cults, a new band from New York that I’ve just discovered. They’re kinda indie-pop with a touch of Motown, and are responsible for the rather excellent album Cults. The standout track is You Know What I Mean, and while there is no official music video or officially live video of it, here’s a pretty decent version recorded at the SXSW festival earlier this year.

Please to enjoy!