You know, it just occurred to me that we really haven’t had a successful test of this equipment…

A blip on my writing radar yesterday… my wri-dar? No, let’s not go there. Anyway, over at Futurebook Amanda Rutter reviewed the Angry Robot books website and somehow I managed to get a wee namecheck. Huzzah!

Today I came to the end of what was an epic 13-day stretch of day gig, and I’m now, officially, a full-time writer!

…for the rest of July, anyway.

But, while I’ve been planning this writing break for a while – Seven Wonders has a submission deadline and I need to get this final edit done and the manuscript out to my betas by 1st August – today I realised that it’s actually my first little official slice of being a proper fulltime writer, because during this period my only income (theoretically at least) is from my publisher.

Erm, wow. That’s actually pretty cool.

The key then, I think you’ll agree, is to make sure I use the time to its fullest and not spend it on Twitter. So if you don’t see me around the internets much for a couple of weeks (yeah, right), you can just imagine I’m holed up in my office, staring blanking at the trees out the window putting the finishing touches to my rather larger than expected book.

While wearing my Superman bathrobe writing gown, of course.

And quoting Ghostbusters to the cat.


  • You’re only properly caught up in the unreality of writing when the cat quotes back to you.