Writerly update, March 2012

I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks, working on a new novel that I hope to be announced sometime soonish. Having spent the previous two months editing, it feels good to be back creating something new, although it’s going to take a a little time yet to get the daily word count back to what it should be (2000 words a day).

Last weekend I was in Macclesfield, where we first moved to from New Zealand, and was delighted to see Empire State on display at the local Waterstones with the following sign:
… which is pretty neat! (my thanks to Anna too – Waterstones booksellers are wonderful people who really know what they are talking about, and that face-to-face interaction is just something you can’t get from the likes of Amazon).

Actually, while I was signing their stock, a customer came into the SF section looking for a particular Robert Rankin book to take on holiday. The store didn’t have it, but the bookseller who was helping me sign copies quickly introduced me, and quite literally hand-sold him a copy of Empire State! He seemed pretty happy to meet an/the author, and I hope – whoever you are! – that it makes for good reading on the plane.

There’s a couple of new things online too. Firstly, Starburst magazine interviewed me – my first telephone interview too, which was cool. There’s also a great new review over at Book Monkey.

Finally, we got around to watching the 1998 film Dark City for the first time, because so many reviews of and comments on Empire State have mentioned the similarities. I hadn’t heard of it until last month, but I’m glad I checked it out. It’s smart and stylish, without being pretentious, and has a number of similar concepts to my book. We watched the director’s cut, but apparently the theatrical version is also worth a look. Oddly enough, when I mentioned on Twitter that we’d watched the film, several people replied to say they’d go and buy Empire State, as Dark City was their favourite film and they hadn’t realised the book had certain similarities!

Of course, should Empire State ever be adapted for the big (or small) screen, I’d really want Jennifer Connelly to be in it. I can dream, right?