Wow. I never knew the Girl Scouts were responsible for the crop circle phenomenon.

I promise I’m not going to do a tedious day-by-day account of my exciting writing break. Really, I’m not. But today was good – lots written, lots edited, lots noted, lots researched, lots organised. And I even mowed the lawn.

Tomorrow I’m talking superheroes but today I saw some of DC’s solicitations for October, which included the announcement of a 6-issue miniseries The Huntress. Huntress is one of my favourite characters, and this is being written by Paul Levitz, so, heck, it’s going to be good. Her redesigned costume is also not too far removed from the original, although it continues the apparent pattern of all female characters having shoulder pads… which seems to be the equivalent of all the male characters having collars. Huh.

Anyway. Rock on.