Will Staehle’s cover for THE AGE ATOMIC shortlisted for the Kitchies Inky Tentacle cover art award

Some super-duper news this morning.

The luminously green and wonderful cover for The Age Atomic, designed by the also luminous and wonderful Will Staehle, is on the shortlist for this year’s Inky Tentacle, the cover art award of the Kitchies.


I’m over the moon that the cover has been recognised in this way. As I have blogged many, many times, I’m a huge fan of Will Staehle, and I consider myself to be supremely lucky that his work has graced the covers of, so far, all of my published novels, both at Angry Robot and at Tor. The Age Atomic is a particular favourite of mine, and the cover out of a selection of about five that I really, really wanted to have on the book. Stylistically, it matches the cover of Empire State, and the atomic green glow not only suits the story within, but really stands out on the shelf.


The other amazing covers shortlisted can be found here.

The full list of Kitchies nominees can be found here. I’ll be accompanying Angry Robot editor Lee Harris to the award ceremony, which takes place in London on Wednesday, February 12th.

Best of luck to Will!