Wild Flag

This week is the week I get Seven Wonders out the door. Oh yes. No question.

Right? Right.

Helping me along the way will be Wild Flag, whose eponymous album is just out. Wild Flag have been described as a “supergroup”, because the four members (Carrie BrownsteinMary Timony, Rebecca Cole and Janet Weiss) have each been in other successful acts (Sleater-KinneyHelium and The Minders, among others). I think that’s missing the point a little, as any band should be judged on their own output, not the history of its members.

Fortunately, Wild Flag’s album is brilliant. It’s hard to describe – it’s like a cross between Sleater-Kinney and, oddly enough, defunct British band Sleeper, vocally anyway (particularly on the tracks Glass Tambourine and Electric Band). To be honest, it feels a bit strange describing them like that, because Sleeper are certainly a band I have long, long, long since outgrown.

Long, long, long.

But they certainly fit the Pacific Northwest kinda thing. In fact, if you take Wild Flag and The Corin Tucker Band, you’ve pretty much got Sleater-Kinney 2011.

Wild Flag took an interesting step a few months ago and released a trailer for the album, which I don’t recall having been done before. And they’ve just released a video for the album opener, Romance.

Please to enjoy, Wild Flag.