When days off are not really days off

After a busy Saturday, I decided to let myself chill a little on Sunday, and I didn’t do any actual writing. Thanks to being super-productive earlier, I’m ahead of schedule on Night Pictures so I can afford to make a withdrawal from that big old word bank I built up. Note the use of the phrase ‘let myself’. This is quite accurate. As a writer, I get nervous when I don’t write. The heart starts to race, the adrenaline surges, there is a feeling that something is wrong. This is what drives all writers, I suspect!

But, of course, it wasn’t a day off, not really. Sure, I didn’t add any words to Night Pictures, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t working on it. I worked out a few plot niggles in my mind, figured out where the current scene-in-progress needs to go, and I fleshed out more of the completely new an unexpected villain who, if you remember, showed up out of the blue in that very first prologue.

I also thought about a few activities related to Empire State that I should start working on, and to round out the day, inspiration struck in the form of a completely new novel idea, one which I shall jot down on an index card and stick to my magic corkboard.

So it wasn’t really a day off writing, it was just a day off typing. And what a productive day it was!

  • Ah, so you get that physical anxiety too when you don’t write too? Interesting, I thought I got it as I’m prone to anxiety in general, but after reading this, I wonder if it’s indeed a writerly thing, rather than a chronic thing. Hrrmmmm….