The year ahead

2012 eh? Cool. I like it already.

Event reminders:

It’s at the point now where I can’t keep up with reviews or mentions of Empire State, so rather than try and list them as they come up (which is a little dull anyway) I’ll do weekly roundups each Friday. I’ve also got a number of interviews and guest blogs coming up so they’ll go in the weekly listings too.

So, 2012. Fellow Angry Roboteer and Team Decker member Cassandra Rose Clarke wrote a good blog post the other day about the difference between goals and accomplishments, which is worth a look. I think she’s completely right, and I’m quite guilty of setting accomplishments instead of goals myself. The thing about publishing is that there is so much of it that is out of an author’s control. All you can do is make sure you are doing your best to position yourself properly, should the right opportunities arise.

And essentially, that just comes down to one thing: keep writing. If you keep writing, and keep writing well, you’ll have material and content that you can then show to other people, and hopefully they’ll like it enough to buy. It’s that simple, honestly.

With that in mind, here’s my list of 2012 goals:

1. Complete, revise, and send out current novel in progress.
2. Complete draft for two new novels
3. Complete, revise and send out one or more of the novels listed in (2)
4. Complete edits and rewrites on Seven Wonders for Angry Robot.
5. Work on new non-novel writing project.

All of those are things I have total control over. Although of those only Seven Wonders is under contract, they are all non-negotiable. Item 5 is a little vague, but I’ll know more about it and what needs to be done to it once I’ve worked a little more on it.