The Terribleminds interview, part two

Been a busy week for interviews – part two of my epic chat with Chuck Wendig is up at his site, We’ve both had a lot of positive feedback from part two, which is great, and a lot of people have said this has really opened their eyes to Angry Robot books, which is awesome. Thanks, everyone!

You can also read part one of the interview, including my short story Green Eggs and Handguns, here.

Yesterday was day 4 of Night Pictures, and as I mentioned I’m trying to get a couple of 4k writing days a week. Yesterday I succeeded, despite battling a headache for a large part of the afternoon.

Project: Night Pictures (missing persons, ghost towns and TV hackers)
Words yesterday: 4,056
Words total: 11,434/100,000 (11%)
Word to go: 88,566
Days to go: 56