The Sir Julius Vogel Awards

It was a Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK yesterday, one taken up mostly by a celebratory lunch somewhere in the North Welsh countryside and the final amendments to Empire State. Empire State, my dimension-hopping noir detective novel, is now done and is ready for beta reading!

But the celebratory lunch was for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards, New Zealand’s highest science fiction honours handed out each year at their national science fiction convention. This year it was Au Contraire, held in Wellington, and when I checked my email on Monday morning I discovered that I’d won the award for Best Fan Publication for Time/Space Visualiser, the fanzine of the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club that I edited from 2003 to 2009. The award was shared with Phoenixine, edited by John and Lynelle Howell.

I must say I was surprised and delighted to win the award, and my Weta Workshop-designed trophy thing is heading my way. Editing and designing TSV was a lot of work, supported by founding and co-editor Paul Scoones, who has posted some more cogent thoughts about the awards over at his blog.

And you know what? Being recognised for that is pretty gosh-darned cool.

Anyway, more details and a full list of all the winners is available at and Science Fiction Awards Watch, and an archive of the awards ceremony live blog can be read here. For those interested in seeing the issue of TSV (#76) that qualified for the award and won the prize, it is available as a free PDF here.