THE LA TRILOGY starts today with the prequel novelette, BRISK MONEY!

Today is the day! My new novelette, Brisk Money, is up at!


Written by Adam Christopher
Edited by Paul Stevens
Illustration by Gérard Dubois

Raymond Chandler famously hated science fiction, saying “They pay brisk money for this crap?” However, it has recently come to light that Chandler secretly wrote a series of stories and novels starring a robot detective. He then burnt all the manuscripts and went on writing his noir masterpieces. Unknown to Chandler, his housekeeper had managed to save some of these discarded manuscripts from the grate in his study, preserving the tales for future generations.

Brisk Money is a prequel to The LA Trilogy, a set of three novels starring Raymond Electromatic, a robot PI, which you can learn more about here. The first volume is due out in late 2015.

And you know what? I really like Brisk Money a lot. It’s a lot of fun, and I hope people really enjoy it! It’s also available from iBooks and Amazon (UK | US) – please feel free to leave a review there!