SEVEN WONDERS – the first reviews!

Hello from France!

While I’ve been galavanting around Europe (and isn’t “galavanting” such a great word? People should use it more often. That and “cavalcade”), the first two reviews of my next novel Seven Wonders have landed.

Over at The Founding Fields, they give it a 5/5 and say:

An awesome novel that is one of my favourites so far this year. For those who thought that Christopher’s Empire State would be the best of his novels, then think again – Seven Wonders is much better. Reads like a superhero comic book in novel form. Unmissable.

And over at Book Snobbery, Seven Wonders gets “five enthusiastic stars out of five”, and they say:

There are (sadly) few books that make me feel like this one did.  That feeling you get where you want to grab random people on the street by their lapels while shouting “Holy crap, HAVE YOU READ THIS?!” and waving a copy in their faces.

Needless to say, both of those reviews were a very nice way to start my holiday. The Founding Fields also posted a list of their six best novels of 2012 so far, and included Empire State at position 2, noting that:

As much as I want to include Seven Wonders by Adam Christopher in this list, I can’t – as its release date is not in June 2012, but in August.

Thanks dudes!

Don’t forget to add Seven Wonders on Goodreads, and remember that the limited edition hardcover is now available for pre-order from Forbidden Planet, where the launch will be held on Thursday 6th September at 6pm.

The hardcover is limited to 100 copies, so whether you can make it to the store for the launch nor not, I’d recommend getting your order in ASAP. I’ll be signing regular paperbacks on the night too, which will be available at the store or can be pre-ordered now through your favourite store – links are here.

Right, time to find some more nougat…