EMPIRE STATE WorldBuilder: first projects announced!

Episode 13 of the Angry Robot podcast went live yesterday, featuring a great interview with the delightful Peter Crowther about his book Darkness Falling. Peter and Mur talk a lot about Stephen King and The Twilight Zone too (both of which I am a fan of), and is well worth a listen.

Before that, however, Angry Robot overlords Marc and Lee chat with Mur about Empire State, say some very nice things about it, and announce the first of the Worldbuilder creations.

So, without further ado:

  • Renowned science fiction writer and editor James Patrick Kelly is writing a short story!
  • Hugo-award winning author (and professional puppeteer) Mary Robinette Kowal is creating a puppet show/toy theatre!
  • There is also a photography project underway, and a role-playing game is already at the play-test phase!

More Worldbuilder announcements will be made shortly, but so far, all I can say is: wow! A story by Jim Kelly? A role-playing game? A toy theatre by the Mary Robinette Kowal?


Also announced in the podcast is the first of the New York Empire State launch events, a reading at the New York Public Library – more details on that tomorrow! Don’t forget, Empire State is being launched in the UK at Forbidden Planet on Thursday, 5th January – details here.

You can download the Angry Robot podcast here, or subscribe in iTunes here.

  • That’s amazing! Can’t wait for Worldbuilder to officially kick-off. 😀

  • Louise von Randow

    Wow!  All sounds so exciting – wish we could be there for the launch at Forbidden Planet!

  • Jim Weaver

    Whatever happened to this? Did it die on the vine?

  • Selected works went up on the Empire State website, but after the project finished I think the website was taken down. This was a few years ago now.

  • Jim Weaver

    Got it. Too bad they didn’t keep it going…