The Devil in Chains [remastered]

The Devil in Chains

Following the excellent example of fellow writer of the dark and scary Jennifer Williams, I’ve tweaked and reformatted The Devil in Chains, my steampunk novella and prequel to Dark Heart, and am pleased to announce an improved PDF version, as well as formats for other devices such as ePub, etc. You can get these on Smashwords, which has the advantage of an online catalogue accessible directly from Stanza on the iPhone and iPod touch. Stanza is completely free, and I highly recommend it as an eReader application.

Additionally, the definitive PDF version can be downloaded here. This version differs slightly in format to the Smashwords version, as the latter required some special tweaks to get the text working in ePub format. I’d recommend this as the best version, with Smashwords useful for reading on the move.

Formatting for different eBook formats is fun but fiddly – please feel free to report any bugs, problems, mistakes or issues to me, and I’ll fix them as I can.

The Devil in Chains is also available as an eBook for the iPhone/iPod touch at the iTunes app store.