THE BURNING DARK post-US, pre-UK launch link round-up!

The Burning Dark came out in the US and Canada on Tuesday, and it’s out in the UK on Friday. Yay!

Which means this is the couple of days in-between where I kinda twiddle my thumbs and contemplate my quite frankly terrifying work schedule… but more on that later.

Some links!

  • Over at John Scalzi’s The Big Idea, I talk about a simple question which inspired The Burning Dark.
  • Over at Mary Robinette Kowal’s My Favorite Bit, I take a look at the backstory of the characters in the book.
  • Over at Chuck Wendig’s, I talk about five things I learned while writing the book.
  • Over at Emma Newman’s Tea and Jeopardy podcast, I sit down to talk about music, The Burning Dark, and help defeat the Anti-Cake League!

Some reviews!

The Burning Dark brings all sorts of fantastic elements to the table, Japanese folklore, ghosts, vengeance, deep space travel, horror and a touch of government coverups! These things when combined made for a most excellent and unsettling story… It was a ghost story, one that makes me cautious of the sound of white noise and leaving the radio on.

An excellent book that reads like a haunted house novel in space. Very cinematic, reading like a thriller – The Burning Dark looks different from Christopher’s previous novels and really works – this is one book that you won’t want to miss. Recommended.

It would shock me greatly if The Burning Dark isn’t optioned into a film at some point… for fans of hard science fiction, The Burning Dark should scratch that persistent technolust itch… when all is said and done, readers are in for a sci-fi horror tale in the vein of Solaris or Event Horizon.

And finally, a contest! Tor Books are giving away one copy of the US hardcover edition of The Burning Dark, plus a poster of the cover art, to one lucky winner in the US and Canada. The contest closes 1st April – head over to this blog post to enter!


  • I hope the release is doing great! I definitely enjoyed the read.