THE AGE ATOMIC – one week to go!

The Age Atomic is out in exactly one week in paperback in the United States, and in ebook worldwide. Wow, that came around pretty quickly.

So, your handy collection of pre-order links can be found here. As the old saying goes, buy early, and buy often! UK readers, the paperback hits Thursday, April 4th – which is the same day as the launch at Forbidden Planet, where you’ll be able to pick up their exclusive, limited hardback editions of both The Age Atomic and Empire State. You can find details of the launch here.

Meanwhile, the official Waterstones blog has declared that myself and fellow author James Smythe are the future of science fiction. Which kinda makes me feel dizzy. You can read their blog here.

I’ve known James for a while, and in fact blurbed his excellent novels The Testimony and The Explorer. James’s new book, The Machine, is out just a week after The Age Atomic, and I’m looking forward to it immensely.

You can follow James on Twitter here, and you’ll find his blog here.

Finally, a new review of Seven Wonders from the Italian blog, Space of Entropy, who say that:

…human nature is the true core of the novel, and in exploring it Mr. Christopher does a marvelous job.

It’s actually an excellent review and worth a read. My thanks to Marina for that!

Five more teasers for The Age Atomic to come. Stay tuned!