THE AGE ATOMIC is “Alan Moore interpreted by Michel Gondry, with President Eisenhower doing the voiceovers”, says Barnes and Noble!

I’m having some difficulty with the fact that it’s already May 24th. May 24th? That’s nearly June! I mean, I’m having some difficulty just with that fact that it appears to be 1.35pm on a Friday afternoon as I’m writing this. I’m pretty sure Monday was, like, just then.

This month has been, I think, my busiest yet, which has meant an awful lot of work, of juggling the work around other work, and just trying to find the headspace to process what are several potentially huge projects which have sort of just materialised on my desk.

But hey, it’s a nice problem to have, right? And I wouldn’t want to me doing anything else, right?

Damn right.

And saying “sort of materialised” isn’t really accurate, and in fact it’s doing me and every other writer on the planet a disservice. Opportunities arise through hard work. Lots and lots and lots of hard work.

But it’s worth it. You just have to keep going, and going, and going.

So in no particular order, I’ve been:

  • Doing the last final tweaks on The Burning Dark to get that locked in and off to Tor’s production department.
  • Editing Hang Wire, which is due later this year
  • Finishing up a couple of synopses for new projects
  • Starting up a couple of synopses for OTHER new projects
  • Writing the next episodes of The Sentinel for VS Comics
  • Getting involved in wonderful and bizarre email discussions and phone calls about some seriously cool stuff – in fact, about four completely separate seriously cool things. Which, if I stop for a moment to think about it, is amazing. And with a bit of luck, some of these projects might just come off.

And that’s been my month. And there’s still a week to go. Phew!

In other news:

Today Barnes and Noble posted a feature on three titles from Angry RobotBlack Feathers by Joseph D’Lacey, The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu, and my own book, The Age Atomic, of which they said:

Adam Christopher’s debut from 2012, Empire Stateproved to be smart, sharp, witty dieselpunk, with an existential twist. Full of over-the-top noir stylings and outrageous heroics and villainy, the book postulated a shadowy doppelgänger to New York City that existed in an alternate dimension dubbed the Pocket. Detective Rad Bradley — think Slam Bradley of Siegel & Shuster Golden Age comics fame — managed to save his universe, but it got untethered from the “real” New York anyhow. Now in the sequel, The Age AtomicBradley, along with mysterious new partner Jennifer Jones, must face an army of atomic-powered robots helmed by an evil mastermind who seeks to destroy all creation. It plays like Alan Moore interpreted by Michel Gondry, with President Eisenhower doing the voiceovers.

…which pretty much makes my day/week/month/year. Amazing. When I can find some time later today, there will be some serious Snoopy dancing. Possibly in the kitchen, where the tiled floor is good for sliding around in socks.

The Sentinel, my four-episode pulp comic, got a nice mention over at, which makes it my first bona fide comic review! They said:

This is a prohibition-era noir mixed with elements of a love story. Like all good mysteries, there are a lot of interesting things going on behind the scenes that promise this will be an intriguing story filled with twists and turns.

Thanks! Episode 1 came out with issue 4 of VS Comics, which you can buy here. There’s also a free (well, 1p) sampler available here, which includes the first episode. Episode 2 is due to drop with VS Comics issue 5, which I believe is out in June.

Also this week, I took part in a Mind Meld over at SF Signal on the appeal of gods, goddesses and mythology in genre fiction, alongside fellow Angry Roboteers Chuck Wendig, Gwenda Bond, and North American sales guru (and author) Michael R. Underwood. You can read that here.

Finally, a couple of things I should have posted aeons ago:

Have a good weekend!