The 2011 Stephen King Challenge

Cast your mind back a bit and you may remember I’m reading all of Stephen King’s output (novels, short story collections, and books written as Richard Bachman) in publication order. A year after I started and I’m only up to The Stand, but hey, there’s no rush. I’ve enjoyed it so far, and out of the ones I have read so far (Under The Dome, Carrie, ‘Salem’s Lot, Rage, Night Shift, The Shining, and The Stand) only one hasn’t really worked for me (that’s The Shining, which I think treads water most of the time). Conversely, I’ve discovered about my favourite book of all time in there (that’s ‘Salem’s Lot), not to mention my favourite short story (The Mangler, from the Night Shift collection).

Seeing as I’m taking this journey anyway, it seems like a good time to sign up to Book Chick City’s 2011 Stephen King Challenge. You can take a look at the rules over on her site, but basically it involves reading either six or twelve King novels next year. I hope I can make six, although twelve might be a bit of a push. But it sounds like fun, and the sidebar badge is pretty snazzy.

Anyway, starting January 1st I’ll be heading into The Long Walk (a Bachman book), followed by The Dead Zone.

Fun (and scary) times lie ahead!

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  • Cara Murphy

    The Dead Zone is one of my favourite King novels, and Firestarter wasn’t bad either. I might just sign up for the reading challenge, though could realistically manage 6 rather than 12 books.

  • The Dead Zone is definitely one of King’s best. Firestarter? Not so much. John Farris did a better job of the same story in The Fury, which came out a few years earlier. After that though is a rough period of King’s. Be interesting to see how long you can keep going. You’ve just about read all his best books. Much of the rest is down hill from here for you.

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  • Rob Mammone

    The 70s were a great period for horror – the 80s, less so. That said, there is still a great deal of King to be recommended from the 80s – a lot of his short stories are recommended, plus he gets pretty deep into the Dark Tower series. You can’t go much wrong with Christine, either.

  • Hi! I just signed up for the 2011 Stephen King Challenge too (I’m #68!), and am dropping by to visit other participants. My focus will be rereading the Dark Tower series, primarily. Looking forward to your choice of reads, and reviews!

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