That end of the year thing

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. I know. Like, what? Already? I mean, I know this is the holiday season, and we just had Christmas, but honestly I’ve lost track of the date. The year is up, over with, finished. It is soon to be an ex-year. But… what a year it was. A lot happened for me.

I signed my first book deal, with Angry Robot, in March 2011, and in January 2012 I became a published author when my debut novel Empire State came out. We launched it at the Forbidden Planet Megastore in London, which was a dream come true, and at the New York Public Library, which was surreal and wonderful.

People seemed to like it, which was awfully nice, and SciFiNow magazine even made it their book of the year. It’s also appeared in various Best Of lists, including those of The Financial Times and Forbidden Planet.

All in all, I’m pretty chuffed. I mean, writing is hard work and getting published is even harder, yet somehow my book was in Waterstones and Barnes and Noble and on Amazon and people were reading it in Finland. It’s all very weird, and very cool, and I’m very grateful.

But, that’s not all. Angry Robot published my second novel, Seven Wonders, in September. We launched it in Chicago at the Book Cellar, along with Chuck Wendig’s Mockingbird, Kim Curran’s Shift, and Gwenda Bond’s Blackwood. That was a great night, as was the whole week of WorldCon, at which I met so many wonderful people and friends I’d only known online. Back in the UK, Seven Wonders was given a limited edition hardcover as well as the regular paperback, and we had another Forbidden Planet launch.

In March, a year after my first deal, I signed a second with Angry Robot for two more books. Then things went a little crazy, because in April I signed a third contract, this time with another publisher, Tor. This was for a dark space opera, coming out in hardback in winter 2014.

So… like, wow. Angry Robot and Tor? I have to say, that still hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

In terms of writing, 2012 was furiously busy, but mainly on one project – The Age Atomic, which went from blank page to edited, accepted manuscript between March and December. I can barely remember November – a mix of looooong days editing interrupted with a week of illness which put me in hospital (unrelated to the work, I should point out!). Other writing work this year was mostly the last pre-sale edits on the book for Tor, Shadow’s Call, some preliminary work on the rewrite of the fourth Angry Robot book, Hang Wire, and a variety of synopses and proposals which are still ongoing.

This year I also broke into another field, that of comics, with my debut serial, The Sentinel, coming from VS Comics in 2013.

All of which means next year is going to be even busier, which is fine by me. In fact, I’ve got some other stuff I need to get done as well, so my plans are ambitious. In 2013, I need to:

  1. Finish the edits on Shadow’s Call for Tor
  2. Finish the edits on Hang Wire for Angry Robot
  3. Write the second half of Night Pictures, which has been on hold while I worked on contracted books
  4. Write Sleep to Dream, an SF thriller
  5. Write New York Ghost Story, an urban fantasy/crime novel
  6. Write the rest of the first story arc for The Sentinel

Which means, by the end of 2013, I’ll have completed five books – two in-progress edits, one-half of a manuscript, and two brand new novels – and written at least 24 comic pages (which isn’t a lot, but VS Comics is bimonthly so that takes me to the end of 2013). All-in-all, it’s a lot, but I have Things To Do.

Amongst all that, I have two books actually coming out in 2013 – The Age Atomic drops in April, and Hang Wire comes out in November.

Overall, 2012 was a phenomenal year. So many wonderful things happened for me professionally, and I am grateful to so many people that I’m not even going to try to name them.

But thanks also to my readers – you’re who I’m doing this for, after all. Here’s to 2013!

  • “Empire State” and “Seven Wonders” made my 2012, so I’m looking forward to reading your next books!
    Happy New Year and a huge “thank you”, Adam. 

  • Andrez Bergen

    Great stuff, A.

  • Congrats all around, Adam! Your novels have been spectacular. Looking forward to your new stuff, and your comic especially!