Superman and the Seven Wonders

A busy, interruption-free Monday. I’m pleased to report a solid chunk of editing was done on Seven Wonders – all but two of the new chapters are written and in place, and the next step is to finalise the order of the first half of the book, which consists of flashbacks and the “present” timeline. Balancing the two and making sure everything happens in the right order is actually the most difficult thing about this edit. I somehow doubt I’m going to be so free and easy with timelines in future books

Speaking of superheroes, today saw the actual cover to the new Action Comics #1 revealed, along with solicitation information for October’s Superman titles, and a few other bits and pieces about the new Superman and how his story is a] different to the old one and b] how it fits into the DCnU.

Personally I preferred the original promo image for Action Comics #1, but I do think this new one is more reader-friendly. And, it is pretty cool. I’m a huge fan of Superman, as I may have mentioned, and September is shaping up to be one heck of an interesting month.

It was also announced today that the 52 new first issues are being collected in a gargantuan 1,216-page hardcover book.

And yes, my pre-order is in.


  • You are so DC’s bitch, Adam.

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    I know, right?! 😉