Super 8

Last night we saw Super 8 – the UK finally getting a release two months after the rest of the world. I’m sure there was some logical business reason why there was such a delay, but (as with Pixar’s Up in 2009) the gap between the worldwide release and the UK one did tend to sap interest, I think. In these days of social media, it just seems a little odd, especially for a major SF film like Super 8 (given that SF fans are more likely to be following releases and reception closely online).


Super 8 was damn good. It was spectacular and dramatic with a superb cast and a very identifiable collection of characters. The film works because it is very well written – going back to my post a little while ago about conflict, change and need, you can see this in each of characters on screen. This elevates any kind of story in any medium to something special, and Super 8 achieved it.

Go see it!

Yesterday was another steady day on Night Pictures. This novel has a fairly long set-up, which no doubt will get tightened up during round two. But I’m near the end of that section, and after today this will start to happen.

Project: Night Pictures (missing persons, ghost towns and TV hackers)
Words yesterday: 2,010
Words total: 16,461/100,000 (16%)
Word to go: 83,539
Days to go: 54