Shazam! Or, how I handed in my next book.

That’s that done. Seven Wonders has been submitted to Angry Robot!

In the end I got it completed a week ahead of schedule, which is good timing as the edits on Empire State are due to arrive in my inbox today. I have two weeks to get through those, plus compile all the additional material for the book (acknowledgments, bonus features, etc). Once that is done, I have the rest of the year to work on my agent’s edits on The Novel Formerly Known As Ludmila My Love (seriously, I need a new temporary title for that… maybe I’ll just stick with Ludmila for now).

Three whole months might sound like a long time for revision, but I’ve blocked out this amount of time just so I have some space to get things right. Maybe the edits will only take a month, which will be great. But I’m not going to rush, and it’s nice to have that flexibility if I need it.

So just for today – until that Empire State email arrives – I’m going to relax and read a few comics, and – day gig aside – enjoy a couple of hours off.