SHADOW’S CALL on Publisher’s Marketplace, a Portuguese blog, and something cool coming tomorrow!

This looks to be a busy week – there is something cool coming tomorrow morning which I’ve been dying to show off, so check in around 9.10am (BST) on Thursday here and on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the official Publisher’s Marketplace announcement of my Tor deal went online:

Sir Julius Vogel award recipient and a nominee for the British Science Fiction Association, British Fantasy Society, and Parsec awards Adam Christopher’s SHADOW’S CALL, a dark space opera featuring a distant outpost, bathed in toxic radiation from a nearby star, where a washed-up Fleet commander must battle a sentient mechanical spider race and its sinister allies with the help of a long-dead Cosmonaut and a sexy but troubled celebrity asteroid-miner, to Paul Stevens at Tor, by Stacia Decker at the Donald Maass Literary Agency (NA).

Film: Luke Sandler at Gotham Group


Also, strangely enough, the announcement was covered by a Portuguese blog, who somehow think Shadow’s Call is a graphic novel set on a space station full of garbage. But hey-ho. In a slightly more expected place, the news was mentioned by SF Signal in between Stephen Fry and Stephanie Meyer.

Couple of other things too – a great review of Empire State from Sean Cummings over at A Golden Age, in which he says (well, in the comments actually) that

It’s a pretty mind bending book – a must read.

…while over at Under The Bluegums mentioned John Anaelio‘s very cool song, The Empire State.

So, see you back here tomorrow for something wondrous…