Seven Wonders

Angry Robot Books
September 2012

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“Comics aren’t novels, graphic though some might be, yet Adam Christopher has distilled the purest elements of our modern super-hero fascination, and crafted prose that reads as beautifully as the finest panels, invested with all the power, creativity, and force that both mediums can muster. This is traditional heroism with a decidedly wicked and iconoclastic twist. Inventive, engaging, bewitching, and delightful, a feast as much for fans of the tropes as for the innocents amongst us.”
— Greg Rucka, New York Times bestselling author of AlphaThe Punisher and Batman

Seven Wonders is everything that’s great about superhero novels – a fast pace, a complicated plot, iconic characters, and an unlimited effects budget. Absolutely wonderful.”
Seanan McGuire, New York Times bestselling author of Discount Armageddon and Ashes of Honor 

“The natural home of superheroes is comic books – but Adam Christopher proves that it’s possible to write a cool, clever, wickedly twisty superhero story in prose alone.  You can, and will, provide your own pictures…”
— Mike Carey, New York Times bestselling writer of The Unwritten and X-Men


Tony Prosdocimi lives in the bustling Metropolis of San Ventura – a city gripped in fear, a city under siege by the hooded supervillain, The Cowl.

When Tony develops super-powers and acts to take down The Cowl, however, he finds that the local superhero team Seven Wonders aren’t as grateful as he assumed they’d be…


“Witty and cinematic, packed full of spectacular set-pieces, labyrinthine plot twists and devious double-crosses, and populated by an imaginative array superheroes as flawed and fallible as the citizens they’re sworn to protect, Adam Christopher’s Seven Wonders is the literary equivalent of a lazy Saturday morning with a stack of your favorite comic books: pure, unadulterated fun!”
— Owen Laukkanen, bestselling author of The Professionals

“Rocketing ahead on a super-human combination of lightning-fast story, sharp-witted writing, a supervillain who will give you chills and a superhero team as diverse and complex as the Avengers or the Justice League, Seven Wonders is, quite simply, the superhero novel we’ve all been waiting for.”
— Caitlin Kittredge, author of The Iron Thorn and Street Magic

“A blast of pure pleasure. This is Watchmen meets NYPD Blue, while The Incredibles stroll by; fast-moving action infused with Christopher’s infectious love of pulp fiction and the superhero genre.”
— Philip Palmer, author of Version 43, Hell Ship and Artemis

“With Seven Wonders Adam Christopher has proved himself the master of a new type of noir for the modern age. A noir where Chandler meets the Avengers on pages of delightfully crisp prose. A noir flavoured with echoes of Sin City and Watchmen. A noir that’s simply marvel-ous and entirely his own.”
— Sarah Pinborough, author of The Chosen Seed and Mayhem

“Adam Christopher grabbed everyone’s attention with his debut novel Empire State, and his follow up Seven Wonders will surely please all of his readers who have been waiting breathlessly for more. A smart, entertaining, energetic take on the superhero genre.”
— Victor Gischler, writer of X-Men and Deadpool

“Superheroes, we’ve always been told, are far above the common man in both powers and nobility, but Adam Christopher unrelentingly tells the story of heroes struggling to guide the world long after they’ve lost their own way. Seven Wonders slams readers in the gut from the very first page and then just keeps on firing cannons, giving readers the same choice as every single citizen of San Ventura… either duck and cover, or ride along with the laser.”
— Paul Tobinauthor of Prepare to Die!Spider-Girl and Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man

“Adam Christopher is a bold new voice in the prose world, merging the literary with genre into a explosive new vision for modern fiction.”
— Joshua Hale Fialkov, Harvey, Eisner and Emmy-nominated graphic novelist and writer of DC Comics’ I, VampireEchoes and Tumor

Seven Wonders is the exploded view on superheroes. Set pieces are described in colourful visuals like enhanced comic frames and the heroes’ physical vulnerability is deftly shown in a way only novels can. Adam Christopher forges superhero glamour with the gritty proceduralism of police noir.”
— S.L. Grey, author of The Mall and The Ward

“A novel with the best of superhero tradition, cool adventure, great action, and heroes and villains with genuine personality.”
— A. Lee Martinez, Alex award-winning author of Emperor Mollusk Versus The Sinister Brain and Gil’s All Fright Diner

“Seven Wonders is a modern day superhero novel done right.  Never too dark and never too campy, this book’s just the right amount of fun.”
— Stephen Blackmoore, author of City of the Lost

“An awesome heroic adventure that cannot slow down. This book was so much fun!”
— Mur Lafferty, John W. Campbell Award-nominated author and editor of Escape Pod

“Seven Wonders is a rollicking roller-coaster of a novel – Christopher has created characters you care about and a plot that doesn’t let up, all wrapped up in prose as feisty as its superheroes… Ka-pow! I loved it. A must-read for 2012.”
— Alison Littlewood, author of A Cold Season

“An exhilarating, rocket-heeled ride. Adam Christopher grabs the super hero story crashes through the comic book frame and carries it straight into your mind’s eye. These pages are filled with gleaming spandex, sinister motives and explosive action. Seven Wonders is wry, sly and ready to fly.”
— Tom Pollock, author of The City’s Son

Seven Wonders is a twisting, winding path of a read that will leave you feeling clever and proud of yourself one moment, and then dropping your jaw with surprise the next. Snappy, short chapters and a varied cast pull us easily through unordinary experiences in a very unordinary city; yet, at the same time, the whole thing is wrapped in a cloak of strange normality. The surreal becomes commonplace, so that we find ourselves as ready to accept what’s happening to Tony as he seems to be. Superheroes have stepped out of comics and into prose. Seven Wonders is a thrilling seesaw of a read that will keep you guessing until the end.”
— Emma Vieceli, comic artist and writer

“A superb rollercoaster ride, Seven Wonders is equal parts the superhero reality-check of Watchmen and Frank Miller’s twisted observations of the world in his Dark Knight outings. These are superheroes with human failings and left-field concerns; like its villain The Cowl, Seven Wonders has an intangible, depthless quality reminiscent of the best of Marvel and DC comics in the ’60s—and far, far more.”
— Andrez Bergen, author of Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat and One Hundred Years of Vicissitude

  • Jumpideus

    I just finished your book and I just want to say how much I enjoyed it! Using the pulpy comic-book feel and the noir tone was perfect for the atmosphere of the story.

    On a side note:

    I’m desperate for something else to be written in the same universe… Maybe set before Seven Wonders?

  • Glad you enjoyed it! Although I have some story ideas, there are no plans for a sequel (or prequel), sadly!