SEVEN WONDERS: Reviews and listings

It’s August! Which means I have a book coming out! Argh! And I also have a book to finish! Argh, slight return!

The mighty Kirkus has listed Seven Wonders among their 11 not-to-miss science fiction and fantasy books for August 2012, and likewise Ranting Dragon have it in their top 20 for August. My thanks to both sites!

And the early reviews are still coming in. The Troubled Scribe said Seven Wonders is “brilliant” and went on to say:

The novel reads like a cinematic masterpiece flashing before your unblinking eyes, lest you miss a single moment of this superhero charged saga. The only way to describe Seven Wonders is by imagining the best superhero movie you can possibly fathom, times that by twenty and then let the story play out in high definition 3D inside your dazzled mind.

Over at Fantasy Bytes, they said:

Now, finally, someone has come along and written an intelligent and beautifully crafted prose novel with all the delicious Heroism, Villainism and Superpower Awesomeness of a Graphic Novel.

And don’t forget, you can still pre-order the limited hardcover collector’s edition of Seven Wonders from Forbidden Planet ahead of the official launch on Thursday 6th September. There are only 100 numbered copies of this, so get in while you can!