SEVEN WONDERS is “the coolest kid on the superhero block”, and Author-to-Author interview with Paul Tobin

One more sleep until Chicago. Eeep! I’m off to WorldCon tomorrow – it starts on Thursday, but I’ve got a free day in Chicago beforehand – the same day, coincidentally, that Seven Wonders comes out in the US and in ebook. Eeep, again! So now is the time to put the last pre-orders in – you can find most relavant links here. I’m also told that the limited edition hardcover from Forbidden Planet is selling fast – there are only 100 copies of this, so to make sure you don’t miss out, I’d advise heading over to this link now.

Over at SFBook, Seven Wonders gets four stars, and they say:

The plot itself is inventive and twisting, written in a literary arresting style that is about as close you could ever get to a graphic novel without the graphics. Seven Wonders is the coolest kid on the superhero block, it’s got bags of style, an incredibly rich atmosphere and a cracking story that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat for most of the journey.

Recently I was interviewed by novelist and comics scribe Paul Tobin, in which we talked about my books, writing in general, and comics. You can find the interview here, and I’ll be returning the favour on this blog in a couple of weeks. Paul’s new novel, Prepare to Die!, is out now from Night Shade Books, and I thoroughly recommend it (and my blurb is on the back, alongside Chris Roberson and Kurt Busiek!).

And now: packing for Chicago. Oh boy… while I’m doing that, you can check out my WorldCon schedule here.