SEVEN WONDERS is a “superhero novel done right”

I’ve got something special lined up for you tomorrow, and I’ll also be launching a competition later this week to win a copy of the 10-CD Empire State audiobook. In the meantime, as Seven Wonders races towards release, another trio of blurbs have come in:

Adam Christopher is a bold new voice in the prose world, merging the literary with genre into a explosive new vision for modern fiction.

— Joshua Hale Fialkov, Harvey, Eisner and Emmy-nominated graphic novelist and writer of DC Comics’ I, VampireEchoes and Tumor

Seven Wonders is a modern day superhero novel done right.  Never too dark and never too campy, this book’s just the right amount of fun.

— Stephen Blackmoore, author of City of the Lost

A superb rollercoaster ride, Seven Wonders is equal parts the superhero reality-check of Watchmen and Frank Miller’s twisted observations of the world in his Dark Knight outings. These are superheroes with human failings and left-field concerns; like its villain The Cowl, Seven Wonders has an intangible, depthless quality reminiscent of the best of Marvel and DC comics in the ’60s—and far, far more.

— Andrez Bergen, author of Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat and One Hundred Years of Vicissitude

Seven Wonders is out from Angry Robot in September, worldwide. You can find pre-order links right here.