The first blurb for Seven Wonders is in! Alison Littlewood, author of A Cold Season, says:

Seven Wonders is a rollicking roller-coaster of a novel – Christopher has created characters you care about and a plot that doesn’t let up, all wrapped up in prose as feisty as its superheroes… Ka-pow! I loved it. A must-read for 2012.


Some love for the Seven Wonders cover (and the book itself), which we revealed last week:

  • Civilian Reader loves the aesthetic
  • All Things Urban Fantasy pick it as one of the two best in their recent round-up
  • Benito Corral rather nicely combines it into a little graphic including The Avengers and The Dark Knight (wow!).
  • Will Hill, author of the rather wonderful Department 19 and The Rising, includes it in his list of books that should be on your reading list

Seven Wonders is slowly starting to appear across more online stores, so here’s a handy list of the current pre-order links I can find:

Note: The Amazon Kindle pre-order pages for Seven Wonders are not online yet. I’ll update the links as soon as they are. Likewise, Seven Wonders is not available to pre-order at the Robot Trading Company, but is currently included in both the 6- and 12-months subscription packages, as linked above.

The Empire State audiobook was released on Tuesday this week – on the 81st birthday of the Empire State Building, actually. Coincidence? I think not. Or… maybe it was. Anyway, some more links: