Serenity now

You know what’s worse than a hard-to-hit deadline? How about one that actually shrinks the closer you get to it? That’s pretty much my situation for the next two weeks, so I’m afraid this blog is going to gather dust a little. But, I’ll try and at least post a pretty picture once a day until things settle down.

As they say, serenity now, serenity now…

Before I go, in the not-really-news department, the shortlist for the 2011 British Horror Fantasy Society awards is up and the two short stories of mine that made it to the longlist aren’t on it. That’s what I expected, but my heartfelt thanks to those who nominated them, and to those who voted. I really appreciate it! The announced shortlist is a pretty cool collection of creators and their works (Angry Robot gets into the Best Novel category with Pretty Little Dead Things by Gary McMahon) – I’d make (another) quip about the list being horror dominated again, but seeing as my two longlist-nominated stories were actually horror too, I shouldn’t really complain!

In fact, you can read my two stories for free here – The Nightmare of You and Death in the Room and The Unpopular Opinion of Reverend Tobias Thackery. Enjoy!

Update: The BFS shortlist is on their front page, as kindly pointed out by Jan in the comments! Thanks, I’ve updated the post!

  • Jan

    I think you may find that short list is also on the main website. 

  • Oh, so it is! Thanks, will update the blog entry.

  • Am surprised to see Sherlock nominated for Television category. I don’t think it was technically SF. I mean obviously being made by Steven Moffat there were SF sensibilities, but I don’t think anything supernatural happened.
    I mean the whole point of Sherlock Holmes’  attitude is that everything has a rational -if unlikely- explanation. Admittedly some of it was TV-style rationality, but that’s just part of the medium.

  • Yeah, that’s a good point – it clearly got in simply because of the Steven Moffat/Mark Gatiss connection. Sherlock was great… but yeah, not fantasy/SF/horror or anything like that.

    The nomination for Clint also surprises me – it doesn’t count as a graphic novel, nor do I think it quite makes it as a comic either. Isn’t it a magazine with some comic reprints, and one original strip (Kick Ass 2)? I could be wrong.