Sci-Fi Weekender schedule

This coming weekend is the Sci-Fi Weekender, two days of science fiction, fantasy, games and media, this year being held at the Hafan Y Mor Holiday Park in North Wales – which is, I am reliably informed, a much nicer venue than the Pontins, home to the former SFX Weekender the past three years.

The organisers never got around to updating their website, it seems, but I’m a guest at the event, and will be on the following panel:

Saturday, 5.00 – 6.00 pm, Spaceport.

The Future is Bright: But what would Asimov make of it? A discussion on the changing face of science fiction writing.

with Guy Haley (mod), Adam Christopher, James Smythe, Simon Morden, Stacia Kane, Francis Knight

The Weekender should be fun, in that kind of crazy organised chaos that it has been in previous years. There are loads of cool people going – a full line-up can be found here. The full programme is also up here.

In addition, I’ll be signing at the Angry Robot table on Saturday from 11.30 am to 12.00 pm, and other than that, I’ll be around the place. Hope to see you there!

  • An actual Sci-Fi topic and I missed it! I’d given up on the panels by then because they were 100% horror and fantasy and I was at a Sci-Fi convention. Did they get the sound working by the time you were on? I had a hard time hearing anything at during Friday’s first few panels.

  • I actually had to leave before the panel I was scheduled to be on, as I was still fighting the flu and the terribly cold caravan wasn’t helping! But apparently it went very well.

    I agree about the sound problems. The panel space was terrible.