Revisionland Hotel and a red lizard man in a cape

A few friends are on the agent/publisher hunt at the moment, and someone pointed out this nice little blog post from Erin Morgenstern from about 18 months ago. Of course, since then, Erin’s career has taken a rather dramatic leap, with her debut novel The Night Circus spending so far five weeks in the New York Time Bestseller list. Her old blog post is a nice reminder that writing takes a lot of work, and everybody starts somewhere.

I’ve currently checked into what Erin calls “Revisionland Hotel” myself with nothing but the manuscript of Hell Space and an endless supply of tea. A month and half to go on this thing, and so far, so good.

Like I don’t have anything else to do, I also started up a Secret Project the other day. It’s actually quite nice, because it gives me something else to tinker with when I have Hell Space fatigue. Anyway, indulging in some research for it I came across what might be the worst panel of modern comic art I’ve ever seen:

However… I actually quite like it! It’s rather sweet, and was pencilled by Mart Nodell. Nodell was the creator of The Green Lantern back in 1941, and by the time he drew the above panel (from Green Lantern #19, the 50th anniversary special from 1991) he was 76 years old and had been retired for 15 years.

I’m very tempted to get that panel on a t-shirt, actually!