Out with the old, in the with the…

…new Macbook Air.

Well, I had last year’s model since December, but as I’m planning to transition from a desktop plus laptop set-up (one too many computers to keep in synch) to just a laptop with a large desktop display, my eye was caught by last week’s update. So I sold my old Macbook Air yesterday morning and a spot of late night shopping at the Trafford Centre Apple Store saw me walk out with the new mid-range model.

It’s a nice upgrade – a backlit keyboard (see above… hence the grainy photo), a new processor, a larger SSD (128GB) – and importantly it has a Thunderbolt port, Apple and Intel’s new high-speed data and display standard which will allow me at some point to pick up one of Apple’s new 27″ Thunderbolt displays for my desk.

I deny all suggestions that I spent all of today editing Seven Wonders in a darkened room just so the keyboard would light up.

  • Anne Lyle

    I’m sort-of solving the two-Mac problem by having my work-in-progress on the MBA and everything else on the Mac Mini. Except that I’m also writing my WiP on the iPad because it’s marginally more travel-friendly.

    I hate the thought of having only one Mac – I prefer to have a fallback position, just in case anything happens to one of them. Like the time a bookshelf fell off the wall at 5am and knocked a glass of water over my (one and only) iBook o_0

  • The version conflict issues you describe above are solved, for me anyway, by using DropBox. But I do agree about having fallbacks – however, my wife has an iMac and a Macbook, and at the moment I still have an iMac and the Macbook Air. So even when I ditch the iMac, we’ll be covered in case of unforseen circumstances!

  • looks fancy

  • 11.6″ of widescreen backlit fancy, yessir!