Out now: HYPERION #1, by Chuck Wendig

March was a cracker month for comic books, if only for the fact that my Shield co-writer and all-round chum, Chuck Wendig, made his Marvel Comics debut with Hyperion #1, which was out last week.


I must admit, Hyperion is not a character I am familiar with at all (and in fact, I hadn’t even heard of the character until Chuck told me he was writing him!), which in a way makes me the ideal test reader for this new book.

And… it rocks. Seriously. It’s not only a great comic, but it’s a great Chuck Wendig comic. This is actually quite a feat, given that the part of a comic that the reader actually reads is nearly pure dialogue and, therefore, character. But Chuck does it – from Doll, Hyperion’s new companion, waking up with a “Wuzza? Woozo?” to a clown full of bees, this is absolutely recognisable as Chuck’s work.

And what a splendid thing it is. Chuck has written a little about it here, but my advice is: go get it, immediately!

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