November miscellany

The end of November already? Cripes. Too much to write, not enough time!

Sir Julius Vogel Award

I mentioned this back in August when the winners were announced, but last week my Sir Julius Vogel Award trophy arrived from New Zealand. These are New Zealand’s national science fiction awards, handed out at the national SF convention. Of course as I now live in the UK, I couldn’t attend in person!

It’s a lovely and reasonably hefy hunk of brass, and takes pride of place on my Doctor Who bookcase (actually filled with DVDs). As with any award it represents blood, sweat and tears, and I’m very pleased to have it cap off my time as TSV editor. It also reveals my surname (Christopher being my middle name) which I don’t use for fiction for a variety of purely practical/conspiratorial reasons (delete as applicable).

Tap! Magazine

Something of a nice surprise (aka total jaw-dropping shock) this week – my voodoo steampunk novella The Devil in Chains made an appearance on the front of the first issue of Tap! magazine, a new publication dedicated to iPhone/iPod touch/iPad apps.

I’ve not yet seen the magazine in person, and I do think it is brave of the publisher to be launching such a title in an already crowded marketplace, but…

ZOMG LOOK! My novella shares the shelves with some of my favourite authors − Dan Abnett! Cherie Priest!, Terry Pratchett! Lavie Tidhar! Peter F. Hamilton! Gail Carriger!

Which is nice.

Hat’s off to @CTD who supplied the screenshot of his iBook app for the magazine. A man of impeccable taste, I’m sure you’ll agree.


EscapePod is one of the web’s best science fiction podcast magazines, and this month I began a regular blog with them in which I talk about… stuff! I try and get something up each week, so please check it out. Also, if there is anything that’d you’d like me to talk or write about, feel free to send in suggestions. My remit is very broad, so long as it is genre-related in some way.

And now/shortly, December. In which I shall have various bits of news to share. I know, promises promises, right?