Night Pictures has an outline!

Sunday. Still alive. Just a few days now and I get to be full-time writer writer for the rest of the month. Hell. Yes.

Today I seem to have finished the outline for Night Pictures – I say “seem” to have finished, because no doubt there is still room for alteration, addition, deletion, improvement, etc. At the moment it consists of a big table of 51 chapters – each one gets a little description of events, and then I have a side column with notes for myself. Overall, this is about 1,700 words, which is more or less right for an outline or synopsis – a synopsis is usually 2,000 words-ish in my experience.

The next step then is to take this outline and turn it into a synopsis. As I mentioned before, I want to use a more detailed foundation document for Night Pictures than I have done in the recent past because this just feels like the kind of book that needs it.

On the other hand, given my tendency to go off on tangents and for my characters to start making their own decisions, I don’t want to spend too much time locking down a synopsis that will just change anyway. So long as I have a beginning, a middle, and an end, all the twists and turns are more or less in the right order, and I know who is actually in the book, I think I can probably make start. I’m not due to begin until August, but I’ll continue to tweak the outline and let my subconscious start working on it, so once Seven Wonders is out to my beta-readers it’ll be straight into it.

It’s gonna be a good one!