New York book haul, January 2012

Back in the UK after the New York launch of Empire State – proper post to follow, but in the meantime here’s the obligatory New York book haul shot:

  • Kate Feld

    ooh Winter’s Tale, one of my favoritest books ever.

  • Oh, really? Cool. Will have to bump that up my TBR pile. It’s listed on the back of Empire State as a recommended read, and Marco from Angry Robot raved about it when I originally pitched my novel.

    I seem to have a number of NY-related titles in that pile (Winter’s Tale, Veronica, The New York Trilogy), not to mention the US editions of Empire State!

  • Arwel

    I’ll second that. Winter’s Tale is a truly magical book – bump it up the pile, Adam.

  • John Tintera

    Hi Adam,
    I’m so happy that Veronica made its way to you! Can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

    Hope to see you again soon!

    John Tintera