New podcast interviews with SF Signal and The Roundtable Podcast

So, that was a fun week. Went to London Friday before last to see William Shatner at Star Trek London, which was fun (and I got my photo with him!), then came down with what I thought was food poisoning on the Saturday night. After an extra day at the hotel, we managed to drive back home, and after starting to feel better I started to feel worse. Much worse. In fact, bad enough to go to hospital, where I experienced all the wonders of IV morphine and saline drips.

So yeah, fun.

I’m back home now and recovering, and I’ve got the edits back on The Age Atomic from my agent. I’m not entirely sure my brainpower is quite up to tackling them just yet, but the 150,000 word monster manuscript is now down to 90,000 (although this will creep back up with new material), and while there is a tonne of work required, it’s a much stronger, more streamlined novel.

This is why we have editors (and agents who edit). I can’t emphasise the importance of this enough. Everything needs to be edited, and edited, and edited, and edited!

Anyway. I shall poke around the manuscript for a couple of days until I can actually start doing some work on it.

While I was enjoying the (actually quite impressive) care of the NHS, a couple of podcast interviews with me popped up. Back in August I was interviewed at WorldCon by the Hugo award-winning podcast SF Signal (one of my favourites), and you can listen to that here. I haven’t heard it back yet myself, but as I recall we  talk about pancakes quite a lot. Pancakes (and breakfast in general) was a major theme of my trip to Chicago!

Also online is a 20-minute interview with The Roundtable Podcast. These guys are fantastic and I had shut a great time recording with them – along with this interview, a longer podcast will go online in a couple of week, in which I discuss a story being written by another author, and the four of us bat ideas around to try and help get things moving. It was the most fun ever, and I’m looking forward to that going up.

And now tea and a lie down…