New interview with Functional Nerds

Ten scenes left to write in The Age Atomic and eleven days in which to do it. Getting there…

In the meantime, I recently spoke to John Anealio and Patrick Hester of the Functional Nerds podcast about Seven Wonders, superheroes, and all that jazz. You can listen right here.

Today I also received a print proof of the dust jacket for the limited edition hardcover of Seven Wonders. It’s lovely and shiny and looks brilliant – it’s really orange – and the inside flap calls the book a science fiction superhero pulp comicbook adventure fantasy thriller, which is very clearly the new new pulp.

Remember, you can order the hardcover here – there are only 100 numbered copies! And the Forbidden Planet launch is just three weeks tomorrow

  • A good conversation–and you woke up so early to participate. Lucky the five questions were softballs this time, huh? 🙂