New interview, guest blog, books in the wild, and SEVEN WONDERS preorders!

Phew. Let’s dive in:

  • Over at the blog of the inimitable Gail Carriger‘s blog, said writer of finest steampunk adventure grills me about tea and shortbread.
  • Over at Angry Robot it’s the 12 Days of Christmas, and today I talk about summer Christmas in New Zealand.
  • Naughty old are indeed shipping Empire State early. Evidence is here and here! So, if you fancy a copy for Christmas – nearly three weeks ahead of the release date (!!) – you can order here.
  • And as we race towards the release date for that book, my second novel, Seven Wonders (out August/September 2012) is available to preorder already – click for or To read more about Seven Wonders, you can visit its page over at Angry Robot.

Back to the editing!