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Some new fiction for you this week – my horror flash-fiction short story, The Nightmare of You and Death in the Room is out today in Hub magazine #126. Please take a look and I welcome feedback – I’ve already had some interesting interpretations of it on Twitter!

It’s old news now, but Amazon opened the UK Kindle store on 5th August. Prior to this, you could buy Kindle ebooks from, but due to the addition of VAT and other mysterious charges, prices were often a little high. My voodoo steampunk novella, The Devil in Chains, for example was set at a price of 99 cents (the minimum, as you can’t give away free Kindle books), but UK customers had to pay something rather more (I think it was between $4 and $5, although I don’t remember).

The UK Kindle store is good news, then, and you can grab The Devil in Chains for just 72p. I’ve tried it out on the iPad’s Kindle app, and I have to say it looks pretty gosh-darned cool. I’d be interested to see it on an actual Kindle – hopefully I’ll be able to hijack one down at FantasyCon in September and take a look. I must admit the new Kindle, in smexy graphite grey, looks pretty cool and the price is terrific (£109 for the WiFi model, £149 for the WiFi + free 3G model)… but it’s a mono-functional eink device. Hmm. I carry too much stuff as it is.

As well as being “in print” this week, you can marvel at my mumbling half-New Zealand, half-British accent over at WordPunk. A couple of weeks ago I was a guest host on their Genre, Movies and TV, and Tech and Gadgets episodes, all of which are now online and available at their website or via iTunes. I had a great time on the show and my thanks to Del, Simon and James for having me on!

Right, back to the editing!

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  • Yea like I said I loved the story. There was one moment when I thought it might be veering in the direction of Stephen Kings The New York Times At Special Bargain Rates, but instantly I was proved wrong.

    I also didn't realise it was going to be a very short one and that was a very pleasant surprise because it kept the whole thing perfectly concise and chilling. I've spent many years making and watching short films and the biggest mistake most directors make is not cutting enough out. This can sometimes be said of short stories as well, so great one!

  • Congratulations on thr Hub success. I'll nip on over for a read.

    It's a shame you can't get the 70% royalties on a 99c/72p Kindle download isn't it? I have a couple on there similarly prices and only getting the 30% back is irksome.