NaNoWriMo 2009: Days 3 and 4

I knew I’d slip.

Not, I’m pleased to say, on the writing. On the blog. But there is no point worrying about some so trivial as not being able to update it yesterday. That’s life.

But tonight is a different story. Tonight I had a bath and read some more of Red Claw (which is excellent), then I drank a rather too-strong strawberry milk, and I brought today’s wordcount to 2,008 words. Today was a good day.

Yesterday was not so good. Writing wise, I hit 1,735 words, but it was hard work after a particularly difficult day. Hence no blog update. But my new axiom (I’ve always wanted to use that word, but never have until now!) is: words must flow. It doesn’t matter how bad the day is. I have to get some words down.

Rad Bradbury is proceeding according to plan as well. Chapters 1 and 2 are about 2,500 words each, by accident rather than intent. Chapter 3 comes in at 1,500, but I suspect the following chapter will be a long one (currently at 2,008 words and only about half done), so it’ll even out.

NaNo report, days 2-3 (Tuesday 3rd – Wednesday 4th November 2009)
Words written Tuesday: 1,735
Words written Wednesday: 2,008
Total wordcount: 8,908 (18% of NaNoWriMo, 8.9% of entire novel)
Words to go: 41,092 (NaNoWriMo), 91,092 (entire novel)
What I wrote: Rad Bradbury: Empire State, chapter 3, first draft, half of chapter 4, first draft.
Status: My average daily wordcount is still well above the Nano requirement at 2,227. Okay, okay, enough with the maths! But I need to fit this in around other stuff, and I need a routine, and I need a schedule. So maths it is.

I’m okay with chapter 3, but it’s more of an interlude, although it’s fairly important. It’s one of those ones that will live or die in the second draft, as it’s quite possible the information could be imparted in a different way somewhere else. But that’s for another time.

Chapter 4 is going well. It’s the whole private detective, Raymond Chandler thing, and while I’m not attempting to emulate (nor could I, or should I) and can’t get anything like the poetry of his work, I’m having fun playing with sentences and descriptions, and the rhythm of the scene. There is a damsel in distress, and she’s wearing a red dress and a black hat. Rad spends the entire scene in his socks.

Am I happy with Rad Bradbury: Empire State? Y’know, I think I might be. Early days, early days. Luckily my desk is made of wood and my wrists rest on it as I type, so I can say daring things like that.