NaNoWriMo 2009: Day 2

Weekdays are going to be hard. Like a lot (most) writers, I have a day gig, and it’s a day gig which tends to take it out of me a bit. So weekdays are when I need to concentrate and channel and focus my enthusiasm for storytelling and get the words on the page.

And today is no exception, but by splitting my writing session into two chunks – one early morning shift, one late evening shift – I don’t hit the wall too much and I can hit my goals. That’s the plan.

And today, it worked. Rad Bradbury: Empire State, chapter 2, is done!

NaNo report, day 2 (Monday, 2nd November 2009)

Words written today: 1,831
Total wordcount: 5,165 (10.4%)
Words to go: 44,835 (NaNoWriMo), 94,835 (entire novel)
What I wrote: Rad Bradbury: Empire State, chapter 2, first draft.
Status: Pleased to beat the weekday blues and crank out another session over the required Nano daily count. Looking good for the rest of this week!