My slightly epic Nine Worlds 2013 schedule

This time next week is Nine Worlds, the brand spanking new UK convention covering science fiction, fantasy, and all things genre across books, TV, films, games, comics – you name it. The convention is being run across multiple concurrent streams, and the programme is PACKED, so I advise you pop over to their website and download the full schedule PDF

I’m excited to be taking part in what’s looking like a heck of a cool weekend. And they’re keeping me busy too:


5:00-6.15pm, Rad Royal A & B
Non-Genre Genre Shows
with Nickey Barnard, Lesley McIntee, David A. McIntee and John Medany

Some shows that aren’t strictly SFF in genre seem to have transcended their boundaries and become big hits with fans of more traditionally styled SFF shows. Veronica Mars has recently been kickstarted into a movie and Person of Interest‘s second season finale was described by some critics as one of the best pieces of true Science Fiction on television. Discuss these shows and more here.

6:45-8:00pm, Rad Royal A & B
Comic Book Heroes On The Small Screen
with Paul Cornell, Roz Kaveney and John Medany

From Adam West’s Batman to the 21st Century Arrow, how do our heroes fare on the small screen? It’s a different medium to both comic and film and in a lot of ways less forgiving. Where has it been done right, and where does it go wrong? Come and discuss the Original Batman, the 70s’ Spiderman and Hulk, the 80s’ The Flash, and more recently, Smallville, Heroes and Arrow

10:15 – 11.305pm, Lobby Room
New Voices Slam Session
with Liz de Jager, Stephanie Saulter, Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, Emma Newman, Barry Nugent, Danie Ware, Jennifer Williams, Lou Morgan, Hannah Chutzpah (emcee)

Come listen to short readings from nine of science fiction and fantasy’s most promising new authors. Bring your drinks, bring your friends: you might find your next literary addiction. Get to know these guys before they sell out!


12:00 – 1:00pm – Forbidden Planet table, dealer’s room (Vendors/Wessex)
Book signing!
with Adrian Tchaikovsky and Emma Newman


10:00-11:15am, George I
Can’t Take The Sky From Me: Science Fiction & Space Travel
with Jaine Fenn, Stephanie Saulter, Gavin Smith, Charles Stross and Ian Whates

It’s over fifty years since we sent the first humans into space. Are we still as excited about going to the stars? How have real-world concerns about the reality and practicality of space travel affected the genre?

11:45-1:00pm, George II & III
Doctor Who: The Ones You Love To Hate
with Ben Aaronovitch, Jonathan L Howard and David A. McIntee

Nothing’s more fun than a really hissable villain, and Doctor Who’s had more than its fair share of dastardly dudes and dames over the years. What makes a perfect villain? Is it the megalomaniac schemes? A catchphrase? Or just a natty line in sinister clothes? We talk all about the nastiest people in history.

1:30-2:45pm, George II & III
Is Doctor Who “Thunderingly Racist”?
with Abigail Brady, Una McCormack  and Iona Sharma

A recent academic study of DW makes a bold claim that the show is “thunderingly racist”. Is this true? No non-white actors have ever played the Doctor, and the absence of non-white people from the line-up of companions throughout the whole of the Classic Series is notable.

Phew! If I don’t see you on a panel, without a doubt I’ll be in the bar somewhere. See you there!