My picks of the DC 52

Editing, editing, editing. Seven Wonders is lot of short chapters, kinda like a comic book, which is entertaining to read but there’s a lot to keep in your head when you are the creator trying to get everything into the right spot.

So speaking of comics, while I take a tea break and let my iPad charge up, here’s my pick out of the 52 new first issues coming from DC Comics this September.

Now, before I start, I should declare two things: Firstly, I’m a huge fan of comics, specifically superhero comics, and specifically specifically DC superhero comics. I have an emotional connection to superheroes which I have with no other genre of fiction – why, I’m not sure, as I didn’t start reading comics until I was about 25 (yes, really).

But that’s why I read superhero comics, but importantly, that’s also why I often/usually write superhero fiction. That’s where Seven Wonders comes from, for instance, and many other things I’ve written and will write.

Secondly, I’m going to buy all of the first 52 issues. As it happens, I collect almost all of DC’s output anyway, so there will be no change there. However, rather than collect up several months’ worth of issues and read big story arcs in one go, I’ll try (try!) to read all 52 as they come out.

But while I’m going to get and read them all, some have struck my fancy more than others. I’m sure there are some hidden gems in the list that will surprise me, but this is the stuff I’m going to read first. For a full list (including covers), you could do worse than have a look at the page Forbidden Planet has set up.

In no particular order, my top picks are:

  • Action Comics (Grant Morrison’s reinvention of Superman sounds fascinating)
  • Detective Comics
  • Batgirl (Barbara Gordon as Batgirl is interesting, and this is Gail Simone writing her favourite character)
  • Animal Man
  • Swamp Thing
  • Batwoman (finally, it arrives!)
  • Green Lantern (my favourite comic, after Catwoman was cancelled)
  • Resurrection Man (a great concept, co-written by fellow Angry Roboteer Dan Abnett)
  • Demon Knights (written by Paul Cornell, who did such great work on Knight and Squire… and just look at that cover art!)

  • Suicide Squad (people are unsure of the new Harley Quinn, but I love the character… and this has King Shark in it!)
  • Wonder Woman (by Brian Azzarello – enough said)
  • Batman (by Scott Synder, one of my favourite comic writers)
  • Supergirl (the new concept sounds intriguing)
  • Birds of Prey (by Duane Swierczynski, another great writer)
  • Catwoman (my favourite character and favourite comic, before the last run was cancelled)
  • Aquaman (finally, he gets his own series back)
  • The Savage Hawkman (hopefully Hawkgirl will appear in it sometime)
  • The Flash
  • Justice League Dark (intriguing concept)
  • All-Star Western (another non-superhero comic, but moving Jonah Hex to 19th century Gotham City should be interesting)

September should be an exciting month! And I really, really, really need some fine art prints of the Demon Knights and Action Comics art. Holy smoke.