My idea of heaven is…

…something you’ll find out over at Write Fast, where there is a fun little interview with me today. Write Fast is also on Twitter, so make sure you swing by and say hello! Also check out the archive of previous interviewees, you may find a familiar name or two.

Now, it’s exceedingly hot today (hot! In England! I know!), so I’m going to keep this brief. Night Pictures is going well – three days in and I’ve broken 2k each day. I just need to keep this up until the end of September and I’m home and dry. The book is still very much in the what-the-hell-am-I-writing phase, but still, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s all clay on the wheel. Yeah, I use that phrase alot. I like it.

In time-honoured tradition I’m doing stats for the previous day’s work, the idea being that I can then do a blog post first thing in the morning before I’ve written anything and I don’t need to update the stats. Trust me, it makes sense to me.

Project: Night Pictures (missing persons, ghost towns and TV hackers)
Words yesterday: 2,145
Words total: 5,281/100,000 (5%)
Word to go: 94,719
Days to go: 58

Now I’m off to melt.

  • Oh wow! Thanks for that! And thanks for doing the interview! A pleasure and an honor!