Missing in action: Helena Bertinelli, Huntress

I must admit I’m behind on my comics reading – I’m one of the crazy ones who tries to read everything that DC Comics puts out, and with the New 52 plus mini-series this means a lot of books. And of course, despite crossovers and events and the like, that’s not really how DC (or Marvel, or any other comic publisher) intends their output to be consumed. It would be foolish to think that one comics fan would like everything a company produces, because they produce material for different audiences and tastes. I also found that when I tried to read everything that was out each Wednesday, I’d actually have forgotten what had gone on in the previous issue of whateveritwas. I’m hoping that’s because I was trying to read too much, not that I’m getting old and forgetful.

Anyway, point is, my backlog of New 52 titles is such that I decided to not try and keep up, but gather up blocks of say six issues and read them in one go. As it happens, the six issue block is more or less the length of a story arc for the New 52. And now all of the ongoing titles, and a couple of the minis, have reached the six-issue mark, it’s time to get organised.

I was thinking of tackling them alphabetically (Action Comics, All-Star Western, Animal Man, etc), but this morning when I logged into Twitter I found the excellent blog DC Women Kicking Ass were doing a series of tributes to the post-Crisis Huntress, Helena Bertinelli. The Huntress has her own New 52 mini-series, which ended yesterday, and while I haven’t read it, it reveals that the Huntress is actually Helena Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s daughter from Earth-2, as opposed to Helena Bertinelli, the daughter of a mafia boss who became a vigilante in order to get revenge after seeing her family murdered.

The Huntress is one of my favourite characters in fiction, and for me it has to be Helena Bertinelli. She’s the Huntress of Birds of Prey and the pre-New 52 Batman continuity, and is the Huntress of the Justice League/Justice League Unlimited animated series.

She’s also supremely kick-ass, and it’s a shame that she seems to have vanished.

So my first choice then to get into my six-issue blocks of New 52 comics will be the complete Huntress mini-series. It’s written by Paul Levitz, with art by Marcus To and John Dell, and I did read the first issue when it came out and I rather enjoyed it, even if I thought it starred Helena Bertinelli.

After that, I might go back and read some of her other miniseries that I’ve never actually looked at before, including Greg Rucka’s Cry for Blood and the Huntress Year One miniseries. I’ll also dig out Double Date, the Huntress episode of Justice League Unlimited, and my favourite episode of the whole series (written by Gail Simone, of course).

And I’ll try to remember that comics is comics is comics, and just because Helena Bertinelli is missing for the moment, doesn’t mean she’ll never come back.


  • Trankeller

    Huntress is one of my favorite dc comics hero/vigilantes to!I was sad to hear that she was missing to.I just found out that Helena Bertinelli Huntress has been long dead and Helena Wayne was acting in her name.I do not like the new 52 they may say they tried to simplify things but….to me they just made a HUGE mess…im just sad that Helena Bertinelli Huntress has been killed out of DC Comics.;(

  • Harry Rr

    I’m guessing that she faked her death. I don’t think that DC would do something ad stupid as kill her off permanently.