Look! Up in the sky! Erm, sitting at that desk!

Oh joyous day. My Superman bathrobe arrived. I may have worn it most of the day. Seriously, I doubt there are many items of clothing that will make you feel more awesome than a Superman bathrobe.


See, I like Superman. Oh, but the concept is so simple and he’s so boring, you cry! He’s invincible, so there cannot be any drama or tension!

Actually, that’s why I like him so much. The concept is very simple – he’s the original superhero, and his appearance in 1938 is one of the defining moments of our modern Western culture. He symbolises positivity and optimism, and for me that is exactly what superheroes are about. I’m sure that there have been a lot of bad Superman stories over the decades, but when he’s used properly and written well, nothing can touch him. Take Kurt Busiek’s run on both Action Comics and Superman back in 2006ish. The one-shot story in Superman #654, On Our Special Day, is just beautiful (and I won’t even mention what it is about for fear of spoilers – go find it and read it!).

I’m hoping that this is the direction that DC Comics are taking in their September not-a-relaunch-or-reboot. It certainly sounds like Grant Morrison and I have a similar view of superheroes and Superman, so I’m really looking forward to the new number 1 issues.

Although I do prefer Superman’s underpants to be on the outside, but hey-ho, I’m not the kind of guy who fear’s change.

Roll on September!