LonCon and week of SF schedule

Nine Worlds was brilliantly brilliant. I loved it. It’s the best UK con. It’s inclusive, diverse, young and enthusiastic. It’s a bunch of people geeking out about everything from books to comics to knitting to cosplay to RPGs and more besides. I may attempt to list the people I want to thank for making it such a great weekend, but I’ll just leave someone off and my Christmas card haul this year will be reduced. I’ll think about it, once I’ve recovered from the next week of events. But I met lots of new people, made new friends, and got to waffle on about The Myth Makers for far, far too long. Good times.

Because, as Paul Cornell has already mentioned, we are now entering the Week of Death/Hell/Geek/SFF (take your pick!). I’m home for one day before heading back down to London. Here’s my schedule:

Fantasy in the Court (12th August, 2014)

Cecil Court, London, 6.00pm – 10.00pm
Join me and a bazillion other authors in this amazing celebration of SFF. Full listing at the website. Tickets are £5, redeemable on a book bought on the night. My novel The Burning Dark will be on sale – not sure about any others, but if you want to bring anything else along to sign I’m more than happy to oblige, but the organisers have requested that you limit anything you bring to two items.

Angry Robot and Titan Books Summer Invasion (13th August, 2014)

Forbidden Planet, Shaftesbury Avenue, London, 6.00pm – 7.00pm
Angry Robot and Titan are joining forces for a big night at Forbidden Planet! I’ll signing alongside Chris Achilleos, Madeline Ashby, Gregory Benford, Wesley Chu, Cory Doctorow, Phil and Kaja Foglio, Anne Lyle, Ramez Naam, Kim Newman, VE Schwab, Charles Stross, Mike Shevdon and Danie Ware. There will be books for sale. Again, happy to sign anything you want to bring along. This event is free and unticketed, so come along and say hi!

LonCon 3, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention (14 – 18th August, 2014)

Thursday 14th August

3.00pm – 4.30pm, Exhibits Hall Signing Space (Level 1)
Bring stuff and I will sign it! There will be dealer’s room at the con with my stuff on sale. I’m aware this is a bit of a dead signing slot, so if you can’t make it so early in the con, grab me if you see me elsewhere, or after a panel, or tweet me and we can meet up.

6.00pm – 6.30pm, London Suite 1 (Level 0)
Might dig out something special for this one… I’m not going to read for a whole half hour, but I might pick a couple of new things.

Friday 15th August

Welcome Party
9.00pm – 11.00pm, FanActivity Tent (Level 0)
If this is your first convention, or you’re just a bit worried about coming to such a big event, come along to our introductory mixer, where our hosts will find out what you want from Loncon and what your genre favourites are, answer your questions, and introduce you to fellow newbies. Come and start your convention here, and make some new friends.
Paul Cornell, Adam Christopher, Emma Newman, Gareth L Powell, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Marcus Gipps

Saturday 16th August

12.00pm – 1.00pm, London Suite 5 (Level 0)
Come and have a coffee, maybe some biscuits (I make no promises however – if anyone knows of a local shop I can grab some, let me know!), and we can talk about stuff! This event requires attendees to sign up, so check out the programme booklet and any notices you may see around the con.

Sunday 17th August

Authors Accept, Encourage, and Create Fan Works Too
11.00am – 12.00pm, Capital Suite 7+12 (Level 3)
Fanfiction, fan art, and other forms of transformative works can be a sensitive topic with authors understandably having mixed reactions to works based on their creations. In this session four successful authors embrace forms of creative (not-for-profit!) output based upon their works. They discuss the benefits and difficulties of having fans creatively engage with their material. Beyond that they openly talk about their own experiences with fan works, whether they have written, still write, or read fanfiction or produce other forms of fan works.
Karen Hellekson, Seanan McGuire, Adam Christopher, Karen Miller, Patrick Rothfuss

Detectives in SF
4.30pm – 6.00pm, Capital Suite 10 (Level 3)
The detective character has always been with us, but more and more we’re seeing new narrative shapes creeping into the genre as part of a noir movement. What is noir in a literary sense? How is it differentiated from hard boiled? How has the detective had to adapt to survive in a science fictional world? Why such an increase in the prevalence of crime oriented science fiction?
Heidi Lyshol, Erin Hunter, Peter F Hamilton, Jan Siegel, Adam Christopher

Phew! See you Tuesday!