Links and interview round-up

Been a while since the last round-up, so time to take stock.

  • I’ve pimped out the Empire State page with the complete set of blurbs so far collected and links to the blurbers. Angry Robot have also updated their page for the book.
  • Empire State is now available for pre-order on the Kindle, for readers in the US and Canada only. In the UK and other regions, you cannot pre-order on the Kindle, so you’ll have to wait until the release day!
  • I’ll be at FantasyCon, being held September 30th to October 2nd at the Royal Albion Hotel, Brighton. In addition to doing a reading from Empire State, I’ll be on a panel on the Friday at 2pm about maintaining an online presence, and on a panel on Saturday at 2pm called “New Voices”, in which I will try to explain why a science fiction and superhero writer like myself is doing on a panel about new horror and fantasy writers. Hey, it’s all SF, right? Anyway, more details when I get them.
  • Interview (and photos) over at DC Sterne’s site. DC Sterne did my official Angry Robot picture, and this interview was done as my photo was one of several included in their exhibition of social media users in the North West. Unfortunately I was overseas when the exhibition was on, but it’s nice to have the interview online now!
  • As part of their Angry Robot week, there’s a new interview with me over at The Secret Lair, where I talk about Empire State and the Worldbuilder project. The Secret Lair also talked to Angry Robot editor Lee Harris and project manager Mur Lafferty about the Worldbuilder.
  • Fun mini-interview with WriteFast – not sure I linked this at the time.
  • Over at I Will Read Books you can read the first part of my guest blog post on my writing process.
  • The Empire State Worldbuilder gets mentions over at The Traveler’s Steampunk Blog, Booksprung, and Occasional Fish.

And because I promised Catherine Hill yesterday, here’s one of my favourite Muppet moments:

  • Yay! Muppets! 😀

  • This API is read-only currently, but timely enough to post a roundup. … which it should be able to handle if you post to Facebook first, including links. …